The Heron

The Heron provides high-end residential apartments located in the heart of the City, offering a luxurious and tranquil setting. We have been honoured to partner with The Heron for over two years creating a bespoke concierge, catering and hospitality service for their residents. Working in partnership with the building management, we provide the residents with a place to relax and enjoy, but more importantly feel like an extension of their home.

Our trusted chef has overcome the logistical challenges of the limited kitchen, by creating a tailor-made menu designed around the needs and wants of the residents, whilst being feasibly suitable. Through our partnership we provide a catering and bar service to the main lounge, conference rooms and terrace space, which can be extended to events and hospitality services when required.

Currently the residents enjoy an all-day concierge, dining and bar service dedicated solely to them and developed around their needs. We work closely with the client and have adapted our service for the contract, completely fitting it to their residents needs. This approach coupled with our personal touch, has allowed us to develop a longstanding partnership with the Heron, providing an exceptional service bespoke to the residents’ needs.