Our local hero suppliers

It’s no laughing matter. Kudos, as caterers, takes the sourcing of local produce and ingredients very seriously.

It seems to me, that wherever you are, whoever you speak to, whatever you’re watching or listening to, everyone seems to be talking about all things local. None more prevalent than the rhetoric that surrounds local food suppliers.

For Kudos this is a serious business matter and our procurement process has been evolving and adapting to market demands. Sure we have a 21st century computerised ordering system but the market demands that provenance is king.

There in lies another challenge, define local. Clearly, residing in the UK and operating retail catering outlets, certain items may not be feasibly sourced from local suppliers. For example the UK does not grow tea, so how do we overcome this? In our instance we choose to buy our tea (or exotic items) from suppliers local to our venues, like Char Teas of Winchester. This helps the local economy and demonstrates that a medium size commercial catering operator can do their bit for local independent suppliers.

Kudos decisively believes that buying smart and buying locally has made our retail business grow year on year. Below is a demonstration of the local suppliers we buy from and what it is that they provide us with;

Supplier Pinup Product Range Miles To Kudos Venue
Taylors Of Harrogate Fairtrade teas & coffee products 0.20
Char Teas of Winchester Speciality teas & blends 0.30
Avenue Bakery Fresh bread, cakes & pastries 0.80
Sidwells Fresh fruits & vegetables 0.90
Harrogate Water Fresh, natural spring water 1.20
Shire Fine Foods Homemade pies & baked goods 1.30
Farrah’s of Harrogate Luxury toffees & confectionary 2.00
JG Bellerby Dairy Organic milk, cream, butter & cheeses 2.40
Barbakan Bakery Homemade cakes, tray bakes & bakery 3.20
Judes Ices Hand crafted ice creams 3.80
Harvey & Brockless Artisan cheeses & dairy products 4.20
Le Pain Nouveau Craft bakery bread 6.50
Trows Of Telford Homemade cakes, tray bakes & bakery 8.00
Towchester Mill Brewery Local ales & stouts 9.00
Birtwistles Butchers British, farm assured meats 9.70
Falcone Bakery Craft bakery bread 10.60
Greene King Local ales & stouts 28.10
Burt Family Butchers British, farm assured meats 31.90
Harvest Fine Foods Fresh fruit & vegetables 31.90

Getting ready for 2016

It may seem early when summer hasn’t even really taken off, but we are busy at Kudos working on our fantastic range of seasonal menus for 2016.

All the chefs have been chatting to come up with some new creative ideas and refresh our start collection of menus that we offer our clients.

We only call this a starting point because every client needs different things for their events and we are more than happy to discuss and tailor that menu for them.

Which burger is King?

Burgers have been popular in a variety of forms for as long as they have been around, but burgers being served in smarter restaurants and being made a bit of an art has been more recent.

Going forward it seems that it is all about what else can be put into a lovely brioche bun, so switch your standard home-made burger for duck, pork or seafood.